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General Trading Activities

INPETCO's trading activities started in the 1980's. We focused on importing raw materials from the Middle East to Western Europe for processing. Today INPETCO provides several products including:

Non-Food Items:

  • Activated Carbon: supplied to the European market to use for the purification of water.
  • Truck and trailers suppliers, we have an extensive network of manufactures and can supply both new and used trucks and trailers for the distribution and the construction industries.
  • We have also sourced reliable suppliers for Detergents and have successfully supplied different Middle Eastern markets.
  • Toiletries and Perfumes: Manufactured in the UK.

Food Items:

  • Tea: we have supplied lose and bagged tea, for the Middle Eastern market, the company now is embarking on lunching it’s own brand, our sources included the finest quality from India and Sir Lanka.
  • Coffee: Recently the company had taken interest to develop the coffee sales markets in Northern Africa, and push sales through out to the Middle East.
  • Packaged Tuna: sources included Spain, Morocco, Japan.
  • Dates: for human consumption and industrial use.
  • Coconuts: for human consumption and industrial use.

INPETCO have been involved in several projects over the years, such as:

  • Dates processing to manufacture Animal feed – Holland.
  • Dates processing to manufacture date jam – UK.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable UK importers from Europe, Middle East and Far East.
  • Unprocessed wool from Iraq plus (L.R.P) - UK & USA.
  • Balkan (The Bulgarian Agriculture dept.) products - UK & Middle East.
  • The First Arabic Telephone News service - UK
  • The First Arabic Satellite listing magazine - UK
  • Export and finance of various projects in North Africa & Iraq.
  • The marketing and distribution of Fragrance and toiletries – Middle East.
  • Importing Wool, Liquorish root powder from Iraq - UK & USA
  • Importers of Egyptian furniture - UK
  • Tea importers to Iraq from India & Sir Lanka
  • Property dealing, refurbishing and investments - UK
  • We represent several Aviation companies in the Middle East, for aircraft and engine leasing.